Studio Associato Leonardi is an Italian registered firm of appraisers and valuers with offices in Thiene, Italy. Our dedicated and experienced associates are at several national and international locations. We perform plant, machinery and equipment appraisals/valuations and real estate valuations nation-wide and internationally working with companies of all sizes, tailoring our expertise to their individual needs. Our certified plant, machinery and equipment appraisals/valuations are trusted by financial institutions, Certified Public ccountants, Attorneys, government agencies, buyers and sellers, shareholders and partners. Our experience and expertise extends across all machinery, equipment and technical specialties. Our certified reports are compliant with the standards of professional appraisal practice.

Our firm satisfies your plant, machinery and equipment appraisal/valuation needs by providing opinion of values in terms of one or any combination of the following:

    • Definition of value mandated by law or similar compelling mandates
    • Reproduction Cost New
    • Replacement Cost New
    • Fair Market Value
    • Liquidation Value in Place/in Use
    • Forced Liquidation Value
    • Salvaged Value
    • Scrap Value
    • Insurance Replacement Cost or Insurance Value Depreciated

Studio Leonardi Thiene

A partial list of appraised equipment includes: Industrial and Manufacturing Machinery Equipment, Food Processing Equipment; Construction Equipment; Textile, Leather and shoe production Equipment; Fleet of Trucks and Cars, etc. Providing detailed descriptions and explanations of all key findings and delivering reports in person remain our hallmark. Our firm also offer services to privates and notary firms in order to estimate assets for inheritance management. We also provide coordination and execution activities (advisors) for out-of court settlement. Each Appraisal/Valuation is unique because of the types of equipment and the quantity of capital items included within the appraisal, the location(s) the scope of work, etc.